The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men and women to do nothing. ”

Edmund Burke

Fighting for Women's Rights has too often become synonymous with man hating. This has to stop. For the record, feminism by definition is: "The belief that men and women should have equal opportunities."”

— Emma Watson Actress, UN Goodwill Ambassador

Violence Against Women and Call for UK Family Court Reform

"The devastating truth is that access to justice is simply not available for many victims of Domestic Violence, up and down the country, because of this Government’s changes to LEGAL AID. 

For victims who do make it to the family courts, the ordeal does not stop there. Survivors frequently report being re-traumatised in the family court room, with the perpetrator allowed to continue their abuse by manipulating the court process. Women are still routinely cross-examined in front of or even by the perpetrator in what can be a deeply traumatising process; and outside the courtroom, survivors can come face to face with the perpetrator.

Our justice system is designed to protect the perpetrator not the victim.

Gloria D Piero, Labour MP for Ashfield 18th July, 2018 Parliamentary Debate, Child First Campaign

Domestic Violence Bill - Latest News July 2018

What you tolerate you cannot change”

Mike Murdoch - Preacher and Author

#ChildFirst Campaign - Women's Aid 

Latest Parliamentary Transcript of the debate on domestic abuse and the family courts led by Jess Phillips MP, 2:30pm - 4:30pm 19 July 2018, can be viewed here



The consequences of LASPO.

The cuts imposed by the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment Offenders (LASPO) Act came into effect in 2013 with the aim of cutting the Legal Aid Budget by £350 million in the area of family, immigration, welfare, benefits, employment and clinical negligence.  The results for victims of Domestic Violence have been catastrophic with DV victims being forced with the choice to either represent themselves in court cases or stay in an abusive or violent relationship. 

Victims representing themselves has risen 147% since LASPO's introduction. 

We need a review and reform on Means-tested Legal Aid to make it more accessible to victims.  Read the full report from 2014 here: The consequences of LASPO.

"Stand up for what is right, your voice is not small and everyone of us can affect change.  We need to be come active in our government and local communities. We need a seat at the table to have our voices heard and our needs met.   

We need women's political participation. May we empower each other to carry out such vision. It's not enough to just believe in it, we must work at it."    Meghan Markle - Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex & Advocate for UN Women

TED TALK  Modern Day Sexist Language that erases and devalues women. 

Have you ever realised how sexist our language is? Watch and listen to the video below. 

Rachel Piazza at TEDxWilmingtonUniversity

Videos - What is Domestic Violence?

Historical Videos on Emmeline Pankhurst & Suffragette The Movie

The #Metoo Movement, Ending Sexual Harrassment

UPSKIRTING LAW PASSES click here to learn more


Be a White Ribbon Ambassador and make a difference. 

It's vital that we get men from all walks of life involved in spreading the White Ribbon message. 

We need to end male violence against women, once and for all. 

We're playing our part to realise that vision, by engaging men in standing against bullying, violent behaviour perpetrated by men against women.


June 19, 2018 

"'Shocking' new research into sexual violence at UK music festivals 

A recent YouGov report found that one in five festivalgoers – and more than two in five of those who are female and under 40 – say they have been sexually assaulted or harassed at a UK festival. 

30% of female festivalgoers of all ages and 43% of those under 40 said they had faced some kind of unwanted sexual behaviour, the most common being “unwelcome and forceful dancing”. 

When asked about the report, Paul Reed, the chief executive of the Association of Independent Festivals spoke of the importance of people being active bystanders: “If people don’t intervene, then this behaviour becomes normalised,” he said. “People shouldn’t feel that they need to tolerate [at festivals] the type of behaviour that they wouldn’t tolerate in the street.” White Ribbon Campaign

Toxic Masculinity, The Man Box


The sickening violence which erupted after the game 16 July 2018 where two people were killed, serves as an example of the toxic masculinity that exists in our society.  Statistics reveal that during the World Cup violence against women increases.

Two French football fans have died as violence erupted across the county following Les Bleus's World Cup victory over Croatia. 

After the team celebrated their second ever World Cup win in Moscow, there were jubilant scene across France. 

In Moscow, Emmanuel Macron was memorably pictured leaping onto a gantry to wildly celebrate a goal in a break from the usual presidential reserve. 

But back at home, the joy turned to violence in several areas. 

A total of 292 people were placed in custody across France, the Interior Ministry revealed. 

The most violent disturbances took place in Paris on Sunday, where 102 people were arrested, and 92 taken to cells.

Justin Baldoni is a man worth listening too as he tackles the whole subject of the toxic masculine culture we see today.  His website can be found here and is full of helpful information.

First Man Standing

Restored Relationships.

(For more information click here.)

"Violence against women is not a women’s issue; it’s a human issue. And if violence against women is to end, we need men to help challenge the attitudes and behaviours that perpetuate it – in themselves, and in other men.  

That's why we’ve launched the First Man Standing campaign. We have over 1000 members to date, committed to standing up and speaking out about violence against women – be it in their families, churches or workplaces about violence against women." Restored Relationships

The Female Face of Poverty and Financial Abuse Against Women

Domestic violence alone costs approximately $32.9 billion in England and Wales. ”

— UN Women

The Female Face of Poverty


A great article which covers just about everything! Worth a read.

Surviving Economic Abuse, A UK Charity Raising Awareness & Response to Economic Abuse

Surviving Economic Abuse, A UK Charity Raising Awareness & Response to Economic Abuse

Domestic Violence & Financial Abuse  

DR NICOLA SHARP-JEFFS – FOUNDER AND DIRECTOR  of Surviving Economic Abuse, the only Charity of it's kind in the UK tackling this unknown aspect of Domestic Violence in the UK. 

"Many women experience economic abuse within the context of domestic violence. It limits their choices and ability to access safety. 

We are the UK charity raising awareness of economic abuse and committed to building the capacity of those who come into contact with victims and survivors of economic abuse to respond. 

We do this through sharing expert knowledge and developing useful tools and resources. We work with partner organisations to implement innovative responses. We also identify and share best practice and research." Surviving Economic Abuse.



 The economic costs of violence against women 

Remarks by UN Assistant Secretary-General and Deputy Executive Director of UN Women, Lakshmi Puri at the high-level discussion on the “Economic Cost of Violence against Women” 

Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2016

 "Violence against women and girls (VAWG) is one of the most pervasive human rights violations occurring in the world. It happens in every country, not only in situations of conflict or crisis, but in contexts others call peaceful, and in both public and private spaces. 

Figures around the world demonstrate the gravity of this scourge. 

35 per cent of women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime. 
Globally, 47 per cent of murders of women are committed by an intimate partner or family member, compared to less than 6 per cent of murders of men. 
Women represent 55 per cent of victims of forced labour and 98 per cent of the victims of sexual exploitation. 
Globally, an estimated 200 million women and girls have undergone FGM in 30 countries and 700 million were married as children (250 million before the age of 15).

Annual costs of intimate partner violence were calculated at $5.8 billion in the United States of America and $1.16 billion in Canada. In Australia, violence against women and children costs an estimated $11.38 billion per year. Domestic violence alone costs approximately $32.9 billion in England and Wales. 

Research indicates that the cost of violence against women could amount to around 2 per cent of the global gross domestic product (GDP). This is equivalent to 1.5 trillion, approximately, the size of the economy of Canada." UN WOMEN