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Verse 1:
When your head's bowed low and the odds are stacked against you
When the money's tight and you don't know how you'll get by
Though your brain twists and turns through the endless sleepless nights
Lift up your eyes to the one who will supply

No weapon formed against you shall ever prevail
No weapon formed against you shall ever prevail
For your righteousness and your justice
Comes from the Lord
Who can stand against His mighty Word
Verse 2:
When the accusations fly and the whole world seems against you
When the path is far from clear on the road that you tread
As the storms swirl around, and you haven't got a clue
Lift up your eyes

So He can rescue you
Chorus: (repeat)
Lyrics by Rachel E Reader
Music by Rachel E Reader
© 2019 Rachel E Reader. Copyright Control. All rights reserved. CCLI #TBC