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Verse 1:
Lord, here I am waiting for you
Lord, here I am yearning for You
Looking and longing

Pre Chorus:
Jesus I’m here
Jesus I’m waiting for You

Come Holy Spirit and move in this place
Draw me close that I dwell in the Father’s embrace

Verse 2:
Lord, here
Lord here I am seeking Your heart
Looking and longing

Chorus 2:
Come Holy Spirit and move on me now
Lead me and guide me to know You and the Father’s embrace
Lord I’m looking and longing for You
In a dry and weary land without water
I need you to fill me again

Lord I belong
Here in Your presence
Lingering on
I’ll be patient as I wait for You

Lyrics by Rachel E Reader & Andy Baker
Music by Rachel E Reader
© 2019 Rachel E Reader/Resound Media. Copyright Control. All rights reserved. CCLI #7165581