1. Precious Jesus
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Verse 1:
Precious Jesus, Lord and Saviour,
How I need you, How I love you,
more, more each day

Verse 2:
Holy Spirit Come and fill me,
guide me lead me
Teach me, cleanse me now, have your way

Thank you Father for your great love,
into your presence, I will come

Verse 1

Verse 2
I worship you
I lay down at your feet
To enter in, to the holy place,
to fellowship and behold your face,
My first, my last
You are my Lord
My every step and breath is yours

I worship you, I worship you, I worship you Lord, I worship you

Verse 1:
Lyrics by Rachel E Reader & Andy Baker
Music by Rachel E Reader
© 2020 Rachel E Reader. All rights reserved. CCLI 7158801